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Best Professional Exams You Can Sit For As A Serving Corper

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After spending 4-6 years in the university. What is next?, Service. And after service, What is next? Job seeking. What will qualify you to secure the job amongst thousands of graduates in the labour market? Qualification(s) acquired.
I must say, the quest to acquire more qualifications is expedient in this country. And what do I mean when I say more qualifications. It is simple. I just mean adding more qualities to your life academically. It's very conspicuous that many graduates today aren't interested in furthering their educational career after the service year. I must say, it's a very bad orientation.

Many professional bodies have made things lighter for corpers in the sense that they've collaborated with NYSC as a body to persuade/attract corpers to add to their qualifications. For now, my research is limited to two professional bodies. But in subsequent times, I will add more to it.

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1. Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM): NIM is well known to most corpers because, during their three weeks orientation camp, they were enlightened on it. NIM is one of the professional bodies that have voluntarily worked with NYSC to subsidize dues to be paid by corpers who are enrolling for the exam.

Advantages of writing NIM
As a corper, there is a lot of advantage to derive from writing the exam. Some of the advantages include;

a. Initially, for a none corper, it is expected that he or she writes about 2-3 stages before he/she can become chartered. But as a Corper, you're just expected to write a stage and get chartered.

b. The fee to be paid has been subsidized with the help of NYSC to a little token of N10,150 (as of 2018). As a non Corper, you're to pay far above the N10,150.

When is the exam?
The exam is usually taken twice in a year i.e. June and October-November

Who can write the exam?
Anyone is allowed to sit for the exam not minding what you obtained in your first degree.

How many papers will I write?
You're just going to write five papers which includes; Corporate Law and Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Business Communication, Management Principle and Practice, Project Management

Can I get the study pack?
Of course, you can get the study pack. We made the updated study pack be available at N500.

How can I register?

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2. Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria (ICEN): This is also another professional body that collaborated with NYSC. This professional exam will be most favoured to those in the social and management fields. But notwithstanding you can give a try by downloading the syllabus beneath and see your strength.

When does the exam hold?
The exam holds two times in a year as well. May-June and October-November

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Researches are still undergoing***

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