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What Does It Mean To Be Well Trained? - ETCSINES

It’s important to recognize, first and foremost, that training has rapidly evolved. To train effectively today, it’s important to take full advantage of the new tools at your disposal. In some of the institution in Nigeria, the lack of adequate instrument that will enhance training of the students had cause the low performance of students in the educational system.

To be well trained means that you have undergone the theoretical aspect and also the practical aspect of a study. One of the distinguishing factors about well-trained student is that they have the ability to reproduce what they have learnt.
It is noteworthy to say at this junction that one of the pointers to an ill-trained student is that the student at any interval result to cramming to meet up with the need to get good grade, another pointer to an ill-trained teacher is that the teacher cannot effectively communicate the knowledge to the student.

For a student to be well-trained there must be a system that supports this and the system must be such that entertain well-funded research, highly qualified teachers and so on. Let’s talk about our teachers for a while, it is a fact that you don’t give what you don’t have, when a teacher is not well-trained in the nitty-gritty of the profession, such teacher cannot pass the adequate knowledge that is needed.

This is an advice to those who are planning to be teachers; we expect to do your part before you enter the profession because the future of our country lies in 
your hands. 

I Believe in Well Trained Teachers.
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