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What does it meant to be well educated? - ETCSINES

What does it meant to be well educated? - ETCSINES

When a rich dog pursues a street dog on a well-known street familiar to both animals, there is something that is bound to happen; there is every possibility that the street dog outsmart the rich dog, why? because from the name, it is a street dog and it is believe that the street dog knows the nook and cranny of that street and has the method that can make escape the bully of the rich dog. The difference between both dogs is that the street dog is well trained while the rich dog is well educated.

Narrowing down such question to us, are you well educated? Education as we all know his focused on imparting knowledge, but the way the knowledge is imparted matters a lot. I guess that by the end of this write-up, you will be able to figure out where you belong.
Nowadays we have more of well-educated people who don’t know how to solve problem in the real world. The ability of an individual to be able to think out of the box and solve situations that has gone beyond the prescribe knowledge given in a textbook or passed by a teacher shows that the individual is well trained.

If you examine our school curriculum, teaching method and everything that aids the learning process in our school, we will discover one major truth and it is that some of the things that are been taught do not apply to the world we are today. The same textbooks that was used for someone who graduated years ago is still be adopted and students are compel to read from there and pass exam from it, but you and I know that does books do not apply in the real world again. The question we ask ourselves is that, if they don’t apply again why should we read them?

What does it mean to be well educated as Student in this context? To be well educated means you have absorb what was taught by your teachers and you have taken them hook, line and sinker. To be well educated means that as a student, you have neglected the place of research and have stick to the ancient textbook that has been passed from generation to generation by the educational system. To be well educated as a student means, you only have one method of solving a problem when you graduate from school; you lack creative ideas to tackle such problem when they occur, since that is what you learnt in school and that is only means to solve in problem. A wise man once said, it is only a fool that does the same thing repeatedly using the same method and expect a different result. It simply means you are running faster on a wrong road.

The situation gets more aggravated when it gets to the teaching aspect, why? A student is the recipient while the teacher is the initiator and also the medium. When a teacher is well educated, the teacher only apply one method to pass knowledge, the teachers lacks the training that is required to carry out the job effectively.

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