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What Role Does Friendship Play In Reading? - ETCSINES

"Show me your friend and I'll tell you who you are" is an overly familiar phrase which has been in use over time. Most actions and inactions can easily be attributed to friendships which depict to a large extent who we are.

       The type of circle a student belongs to determines to a large extent if he/she will adopt the reading culture or not. The role peer pressure or friendship play in reading cannot be overemphasized. 
          A student whose circle of friends do not prioritize reading will definitely be affected by their nonchalant attitude to reading as they will always fix other things they prioritize      in place of reading.  

      For instance, student A is an average student who loves reading or has interest in reading, however, her two other friends, Student B and Students C who are average students also, do not really see the need to read as they believe they can always cram lecture notes a week or two before examination and still have good grades. Thus, they prioritize other factors they deem more important than reading. Student A feels she is a member of the circle already and saying she needs to read will make her look like a bookworm to her friends and be their object of mockery. In order to feel among with her 'squad' she ignores the voice of reason telling her to make hay while the sun shines by reading ahead for classes and instead allow her friends negative priorities to dictate hers also. 

            In the same vein, a friendship or circle whose majority prioritize reading can always influence the smaller number who have no interest in reading. For example, circle Goal-Getters or Trailblazers which has interest in reading and are aware of its benefits will make their friends who don't see this need for it develop the reading culture also. If stopping by at a library or secluded area to read is one of their daily or regular routines, then the likes of Student B and Student C will have no choice than to conform with this culture even though they do not like reading personally. A circle majorly dominated by the likes of Student A will always motivate others within the circle to read also as not reading in such a circle will amount to unseriousness, laziness, lack of diligence and wastefulness.

            A student who has been reading, able to impart his knowledge into others, get good grades and has been able to defend his grades months or even years after the actual examination will naturally make his friends envious and aspire to cultivate his reading culture. Even his competitors can be challenged to read more in order to meet up with his standards and even beat him at his game. Thus, resulting to a healthy competition with reading. 

            Conclusively, as Nigerian students, any friendship we belong to should aim to improve us and make us better individuals and one of the vital means of achieving this is constant reading and studying ahead of classes.

I remain, 
Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva), ETCSINES Writer
and I support reading and encourage circle of friendships which add to the overall development of students.

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