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Why Do Nigerian Students Abuse Drugs? - ETCSINES

        Recent researches have indicated that teens and youths rampantly abuse both illicit and pharmaceutical drugs. While many young people experiment with drugs, some of them develop an addiction. Once drug addiction takes root, a student is at a higher risk for social problems, academic redundancy and a litany of other serious issues. 

        Drugs commonly abused by students has the infamous cough syrup containing the  narcotic pain killer codeine topping the list among Nigerian youths followed by marijuana, cocaine, stimulants, sedatives, alcohol and the likes. The rising tornado of these trending drugs seems highly unquenchable as even the recent ban on codeine and other related drugs by the Nigerian government did little to change the unpalatable situation in the country. 
         There are new drug trends and means devised daily to circulate these drugs in enticing sizes, shapes and forms. Today, students use Marijuana not only by smoking it but by also adding it to edibles, pills, drinks, candies in the popular form of adding "weed to Choco milo" packaged at a normal chocolate candy. Stimulants which offer extended and sharpened focus are growing in popularity and are now used by a wide range of students in universities, secondary schools and painfully, in primary schools also. 
         The pertinent question to ask is why do students do drugs? 

• PEER PRESSURE: Teens and youths are quite vulnerable to copying the behaviors of those around them and so succumb to pressures from peers to prove themselves in a circle or group. 

• SOCIAL BOOST: Drugs that provide confidence tend to appeal especially to shy students who otherwise feel socially inept as a means of measuring to the standards of the society.

• ACADEMIC PROBLEMS: Struggles at school can have a huge impact on a child. Faced with academic pressure a student might feel they have no choice but to abuse "study drugs" such as Adderall which is a stimulant prescribed for providing sharper focus and heightened attention levels. The abuse of such drugs are popular in secondary schools and universities because of the belief that such drugs can give a necessary boost in school.

• MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT: The shameful act of Drug Abuse has unfortunately been glorified by social media platforms and the entertainment industry in pictures, posts, advertisements, songs, dances and movies. These industries have failed to monopolize the power they have over youths but rather have celebrities who abuse drugs and also promote it. 

• PARENTAL BEHAVIOR: In a home where adults or parents abuse drugs or alcohol, a message is naturally passed across to the children that the behavior is moral and acceptable. 

• BOREDOM: A youth experiencing detachment from major interests in life's activities might seek excitement through a new experience such as drug abuse. Drug Abuse serves as an activity to pass to pass the time. 

• CO -OCCURING DISORDERS: Often times, a teen or youth dealing with depression or anxiety will turn to substance abuse as a way to cope with their mental problem.

Written by: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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