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Abuse Of Technology By Students - ETCSINES

Abuse of technology by students, we all play a role in this topic. Technology has taken over the world, in Nigeria 10-20% of its citizens has access to the internet. The truth is the bad effect of technology on Nigerians are more than the good part.
The maker of the world famous phone ‘iphone' he does not all the children to own a phone. We may be wondering why, it’s because he knowns the power of ‘addiction’. To break addiction it takes discipline and the grace of God to break power of addiction. We only make use of 10% functions of own mobile phone the remaining percent is meant for us to watch movies, play games, access the internet, which are ways we abuse technology.

With the use of technology in the classroom, the whole concept of education has been revolutionized. However, this revolution is not without the abuses of technology.
Because of technology, classrooms are furnished with Smart boards, computers, and projectors; however, all of these latest methods failed to replace the old teaching methods. One of the most beneficial uses of technology is the myriads of useful knowledge easily available for students from the Internet.

There are various, attractive ways for presenting the information such as the use of graphics and handheld electronic dictionaries. The learning becomes extremely easy because of the use of these technological methods in the classrooms.

Though there are various advantages for using technology in the classroom, there are some disadvantages related to this as well. One of the main disadvantages is it has affected the communication skills of the students.

The communication between the teacher and the student is not as good as in the previous decades. It has also affected the interactive abilities of the students in many ways. Due to the increased use of technology in the classroom, the socialization of the students and their abilities to resolve conflicts have deteriorated as compared to prior to the use of technology.
The following are how technology are been abused by students,
As a plethora of information is available on the Internet; therefore, many students just try to plagiarize the available information to complete their assignments and research papers.
Not all students can afford to buy laptops and other expensive, electronic devices which affect their quality of learning.

The use of technology has affected the manual computing abilities of the students. Besides that, it also reduces the analytical skills of the students as they can easily find tools and equipments that are helpful in this regard rather than thinking for themselves.
Say no to abuse of technology.

Writer: Olumide Afuye

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