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Advice To Products Of Broken Homes - ETCSINES

Does the state of one's home affect their reading culture? Yes. This is an established fact. The same way the state of one's family affects their social, emotional, financial and even spiritual life is also the same way it affects their academic lives. How does it affect their academic lives? It starts by affecting their reading culture such that when an assessment is close by, those that are against cheating would cram just to pass.

I would not fail to state here that a broken home is not just a home that the parents are divorced or separated. If you have read Chimamanda's Purple Hibiscus you'll see that the heroine(Kimberly) was in a broken home; a home were there were so many demands placed on the family by the father, he was autocratic, a bully in a sense. Kim saw her mother unable to even suggest anything in the family, her brother was rebellious even amidst strict laid down rules, she couldn't make friends, or even relate with her cousins, she was an unusual child. And this was because she was a product of a broken home. 

And it is important to always remember that no home becomes 'broken' all of a sudden, it is a process,and the process is usually what creates the adverse, crippling effects. Imagine a case where one parent wakes up in the morning before any one else, packs their belonging, leaves and never reaches out to them after. This situation would affect a student but not as much as living in a choking, unpleasant, broken home.

As much as the school, the government, the society, can contribute to a student's reading culture, home is where it all begins and so when one has a broken home, it'll be harder to concentrate, read, excel, but it is very possible.
How? Let's examine the following:

1. The environment can affect everything about a person, but is it possible to twitch, manipulate it to suit you? 
Do you have a room to yourself? Can you arrange it, design it, mould it so its like your personal hide out, comfort zone, where you can be in charge and to a large extent control it? If not, can you find a personal space where you feel at home, and away from the noise of the world? So, in that place full concentration can be reached/attained.

2. They should consider talking to their parents. It might seem impossible, harder still if they have been a little rebellious, stubborn or disobedient. But most parents are scared of the effects of their problems on the children, and when they are made to understand what it does to their child, they would do the best thing the situation permits.

3. Products if broken homes must understand that as much as they might be from broken home, it should not define them, affect their goals/dreams, affect the way they see/perceive themselves. In fact the resolve to stand out and be every thing great should be stronger because of the situation they are in. As much as they have parents, they must try as much as possible to love them, and not be affected by the situation. 

Psychological findings show that a particular situation can yield different results from different people depending on their perceptions which would in turn affect their behaviors. And for some reason the world celebrates people that succeed especially when it is unlikely that they would.

Writer: Nwachukwu Nkechinyere Favour

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