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Broken Homes As A Menace To The Reading Culture - ETCSINES

Broken Homes as a Menace to the Reading Culture in Nigeria's Educational Sector.

             The home has been known over the years to be the bedrock of the society and the first point of contact for every child. The success or failure of a child to a large extent depends on the home.
        A broken home can thus be defined as a home in which the parents have separated or divorced. Like the popular adage, "when two elephants are at war, the grass suffers mostly." The children from broken homes suffer mostly from the pains and heartbreaks that emanate from the consequences of their parents' actions and inactions. 
          In recent times, it has been discovered that not only children from obviously broken homes suffer from similar cases but also, children whose parents are not in good terms even though they seem to be in harmony also suffer from the imbalance, lack of love and affection.
             The trauma that emanates from broken homes tend to affect children in almost all areas of their lives, stealing from them the joy of childhood, the sense of belonging, love, care, affection and joy that comes from a good home. 
               It is therefore not surprising if this same trauma disrupts their academic life and serves as a menace to their ability to read, comprehend and pay attention in classes. 
           Stay tuned to ETCSINES posts this week as we take you through this sensitive topic on the dangers of broken homes to the reading culture of students.

I remain, Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva).

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