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Can Government Seek International Assistance in Creating Fund for Schools? - ETCSINES

The question is not can government seek international assistance in creating fund for schools, the question is would they go to such extent? If the answer is yes, why have we not seen such? We have scholarship schemes but how effective are these scholarship schemes. Many schools abroad have been able to successful create platforms for student from other country to get free education. The rigorous process in which the student passes through cannot be explained. 

The Process in applying for a student visa in this country is a very tedious process, you see student queue up in embassy all because they want to get a visa to go study abroad. Back to the question, I think they should be a deliberate effort from our ministry of education to see to this. If they have been doing it, kudos but if not, they should change. The lives of future generation are in their hands and they should not be taken lightly. It is time for a change in the way we handle education in this country, no wonder nobody wants to study in the country, the rich prefer to take their ward abroad. We see incessant strike, we see nonpayment of teachers and lecturer and we fold our hands and think all is well.

All we clamor for is that we get the best of education and the student should able to replicate this in various sector of the economy after graduation. If Government can seek international assistance in creating funds for schools, it would go a long way in helping the school system in Nigeria and we will be able to boost of a good and quality educational sector.

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