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Do We Need Improvement In The School Structures? - ETCSINES

This is a polar question and the answer is “yes”. Everybody knows that improvement is an essential commodity in the world we are today. We need improvement in every aspect of our lives. No one wants to be mediocre, everyone wants to strive for excellence and one of the ways in which you can strive for excellence is when you improve on your previous performances.

            What makes a country have a good educational system is the level of improvement adopted by the people in authority in that country. There is always room for more, it is otherwise known as not settling for less. In a country like Nigeria, where the school structures are not of good standard, we need a system to check into it, make a diagnosis of the problem and proffer solution to it.

            If we can have a system in Nigeria that looks into this, they make sure that no school starts without meeting the requirement of a well standard environment for learning and teaching, I believe they will be a change in our school structure. Definitely, we have a system in place that does that, but the question is how effective and efficient are they in the discharge of their duties?  Ever since they have been saddled with such responsibility what has our school system in Nigeria amounted to? I believe we can do better than what we are now and help the future of the students in Nigeria. Let’s crave for improvement in our school system. Let’s make Nigeria Educational system one of the best in the world, I believe we can do it and it all begins with you reading this article. God bless Nigeria Students.

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