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Educational Sector (Cry of Hearts) - ETCSINES

It's rather disheartening and heartbreaking  that we have bright minds amidst the Tertiary, Secondary, and Primary school systems but our "Educational system" is what we have to tender to qualify them as "Brilliant". 

Of the Truth, many have come to lime Light without the needs of the "Educational Sector"  through Luck. But many do not have such "Luck"

Now, am I against schooling?  No!
All I'm saying is we have a rather rash and untruthful Academic system In this part of the world particularly our country Nigeria.

We have a system that is rather unfair, we have a system that wants every Brains to be active and Breath at the same pace. We have a system that is partial and quick to judge when one Brain doesn't seem to act as fast as another's.

Let's lend our hearts to one another and reason.



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