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Examining The Use Of Funds Allocated To Schools - ETCSINES

Before we point out the use or usefulness of fund allocated to schools, we have to examine what Education itself means. 

Education has been defined as all efforts, conscious and  direct, incidental and indirect made by a given society to accomplish certain objectives that are conceded desirable in terms of individuals own needs as well as the needs of the society where that education is based. At the outset, it is important to point out that education goes beyond schooling, but schooling at all levels, helps to achieve the purpose of education. 

Meanwhile, public funding is described as the collection and disbursement of funds for public use. It is regarded as the financial activities of public authorities in terms of taxing, spending, borrowing and lending and it includes the means of providing for the expenditure involved in the staffing, equipment and maintenance of educational institutions. 

Education funding as an aspect of public finance embraces all features of funding of education including the source of funding and how the money earmarked for education is spent especially for the purchase of goods and services of men and materials. 

It is pertinent to note that without proper management and funding of the educational system in Nigeria the whole system will be in total disarray. It is therefore expected, that with the huge benefit of education as an instrument for national development, the government should impact more on the financing of the educational sector.

We have different levels of education in Nigeria, namely, Early Childhood, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Non-Formal Education and Tertiary Education. We will be examing the use  and usefulness of fund by the various levels of education in Nigeria. 
The use of fund by schools, should funds be spent on specific items or are this funds used for inputs or activities known to have an impact on quality. Are they used for immediate benefit of teachers or students or both groups. In Nigeria, the funds are mostly used for basic amenities like water, streetlight, renovation of school buildings. Mostly the funds are used in the Tertiary institutions to send lectures aboard for further knowledge in their field of  study. 

There should be policies guiding the use of fund in Nigeria education, such policies should out list the essential and important needs of the school such as upgrading the school library, computer laboratory and science laboratory, send students on excursion and this must be well guided so that misuse of fund will not surface. 

Source: The management and funding of education in Nigeria by Oralu Teryima, Babatunde Kasim 
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