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How has favouritism aided the cramming system? - ETCSINES

           The existence and predominance of favouritism in Nigeria's educational sector has birthed lots of vices including the cramming system.

              Ascribing undue favour over a particular set of students over the whole student body will surely breed jealously, frustrated and lack of zeal among the students left out. 
                It is no longer news that procuring admission into Nigerian public universities take a lot than brains and brilliance. There have been countless scenarios where students who are qualified for admission based on merit have had their names exchanged on the admission list with slots from the university's top officials, that is, with names of students closely related to these top officials in universities and also with the names of those who can pull a few strings by bribing the admission officers who in turn ensure their names are on the list of their desired course even at the expense of students who qualify on merit.
              This same scenario repeats itself in the primary and secondary level with teachers giving first positions or top grades to the children or relatives of top officials and staff within the school management a programme. Students whose parents shower monetary gifts and the likes to teachers also enjoy favouritism. Excluding certain students from carrying out punishments or strenuous class projects also comes as a feature of favouritism. 
                In the midst of all these, students who have been reading over the years with the favoured students getting the top grades lose interest in reading and studying for examinations as the favouritism trend progresses. Such students dump aiming to understand what they are being taught as a result of frustration and either join the trend also by finding their way through examination officers or imbibe the  cramming system, piling up books and only cramming few days to examination without the intent of understanding but passing examinations.
                In an academic environment where dilligence is not appreciated, students tend to lean more to the cramming system as they are aware their reading can never be rewarded or recognized thus cramming with the sole purpose of passing examinations without thorough understanding becomes the norm and anticedote for the students sectioned out. 
             Favouritism if not duly checked on time in the educational system will continually pose not just as a menace to the reading culture in the educational sector but also destroy the entire system as a whole by breeding and inculcating bad values into students who are to be the future leaders of the country. 

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Written by: Aduragbemi Akintepede (DuwaDiva)
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