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How To Tackle Favouritism Among Teachers and Students - ETCSINES

Alright, it’s time for us to look for a solution to what we have been discussing all week long, it is good to analyze problem, but it is better to proffer solution. This is who we are, we are problem solvers, we are not complainers but we are medium in which we can air your view and help a generation of students who are still seeking for a better educational system.

How can we tackle this menace that looks advantageous when it is based on people’s selfish interest and disadvantageous to the sustenance of the reading culture we are trying to build and maintain. Note, it takes a deliberate effort of both party involved to solve a situation as grievous as this.

This write up would be short, precise and concise. One of the ways to tackle this is to increase our knowledge gap of the subject matter. I believe that if adequate knowledge is passed across to all those involve in this and the right application is seconded with how to apply it. I believe with this we will be able to tackle favoritism to an extent.

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