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In Reading, Assimilation & Retention, Does School Structures Matter? - ETCSINES

School structures are essentials part of the school system, without the structure, you can have a system that gives value. This week, we have been looking at an important topic and this topic should not and never be looked down upon because it takes a little drop of water to make a mighty ocean. If you see any institution thriving today, it is because of the little things like equipment, good building and most importantly the human structure that makes it what it is today.

          When it comes to reading, all factor is important, a school that doesn’t have a good library would fail in its duties to make its student readers. Though the student has their own part to play if a platform to encourage them is not provided, then reverse is the case. Hence, the school structure is important when it comes to reading.

            Assimilation is part of the process of becoming a proficient student and reader. When a student reads, the goal is to assimilate, this means the student has an understanding of what the teacher has taught when you read, the point at which you assimilate matters a lot. For instance, some students believe it is only a cool weather they can assimilate, others believe it is where there is noise they can assimilate, every student has their own ways in which they assimilate, but one thing is certain, if there is no good medium to aid the assimilation level of student, then they will be a problem.
Assimilation can come in two forms, the first is when you are listening to your teacher, and the second is when you are reading. A lot of people focus on the second form of assimilation but neglect the first but I have seen some students that enjoy the first form, they believe that whatever they get in the first form sticks better than the second form which might be entirely wrong base on logic, believes and the educational structure that constitutes the world. The second form is just an addition to the first form they fall under. These students are said to have a photographic memory in which all they need to do is to listen to the teacher.

In such scenario, you discover that if a student does not have the basic things that aid their assimilation, it becomes a problem, basic things such as good ventilation system, good public address system in case of a large class, comfortable and well order sitting arrangement and so on.
Retention is the last on the list here, retention has to do with the remembrance of a particular thing read or listened to. If an individual does not have good assimilation, retention would be difficult and one of the things that aid retention is a good school structure. In view of all this, we can say that in reading, assimilation and retention, school structures are very important.

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