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Intro: What is Favouritism? - ETCSINES

The word "favouritism" has its root from the word "favour". Favour according to the Oxford dictionary means " a kind or helpful deed,an instance of voluntarily assisting someone. The word favouritism despite taking its root from favour changes its meaning with the inclusion of the suffix"tism" which literally changes its complete/exact meaning to another beautiful one. With the addition of the suffix "tism", favour automatically becomes favouritism .

   "Favouritism "means an 'unfair ' favouring of one person or group at the expense of another such as a classwork or at a workplace.
Since our campaign is on based on students and schooling ,my few hints will solemnly base on it.
Favouritism has a negative effect on students performance, it reduces student(s) academic morale and seriousness .

*Favouritism can be an exchange of sexual favour( between a male lecturer and female students and vice versa) .
* Favouritism based on racial/tribal/ethic  preferences.
* Lecturers assign responsibilities to a specific group of students 
* Giving of grades ( special grades) to some students and denying others.

This week, we are set to share with you some of the common trait exhibited by both teachers and students. We will love you to be eager to read as our seasoned writer bring to your gaze beautiful and state of the art write up on this topics. 

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