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Technology As A Menace To The Reading Culture - ETCSINES

Technology as a Menace to the Reading Culture in Nigeria's Educational Sector 

         It is no longer news that technology in spite of its innovative achievements has been an impediment  to the reading culture in Nigeria's educational sector. In fact, the abuse of technology has posed to be major threat that can eliminate the reading culture of Nigerian students if not duly checked. 

           A huge percentage of students today have been addicts to innovations of technology and barely have time to read or study. They fail most times to utilize technology properly and allow it to control and sway them instead. 
           It is saddening that students even at the primary level are addicted to one innovation of technology or the other. Most primary school students prefer watching television, playing video games and the likes for hours non-stop when they should be investing in building their reading culture. It is therefore, not surprising when these students proceed to higher levels and see little or no read to be an active reader. 
           Technology in the form of internet, social media platforms, social media influencers, foreign culture, style, fashion, different versions of phones amongst others has not only distracted students from reading but also shifted their priority to keeping up with latest trends of technology and thus exposing them to unimaginable danger. 
            On occasions when students apply technology to their education, it is mostly abused rather than effectively utilized, lecture and research materials are mostly plagiarized, downgrading the reading culture as most of them don't see the need to read or study in addition to online researches but rather rely wholly on it. 
            Conclusively, technology has proven to be a menace and impediment to the reading culture in Nigeria's educational sector more than it's advantages. And if not regulated soon, might erode the reading culture completely.

Written by: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)
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