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The Effect Of Broken Homes On The Reading Culture - ETCSINES

Psychological and emotional stability is a key factor in the academic development of the student. Many scholarly findings both in Nigeria and abroad have unraveled the fact that a stable and balanced home or family has a positive influence over the academic excellence of students. 

To me, a broken home is not only a family where the parents are no longer living together. There are some families where both parents are not separated, yet the home is broken. My proposition, here, is that the cord that binds a family is love and unity, and where this cord is absent, the home cannot hold together; therefore it is broken.
Sociological research findings have revealed that the major victims of broken homes are the children. Students who are victims of these circumstances are vulnerable to experiencing a fall in their academic performances. 
The reason for this is that broken homes have resulted in psychological imbalance and emotional trauma in the student. This, however, cuts across all levels of education – primary, secondary and tertiary; it is not only limited to the primary and secondary levels alone.

When the student is not emotionally or psychologically balanced, they find it very difficult to concentrate during lectures or while reading, even when they try to do so. Secondly, comprehension and understanding of what they read and what is taught in class becomes a very difficult task. Thirdly, so many of such victims totally neglect academics because they do not have the emotional capacity to cope with it.

The parents who know the effect of this, often times, do not let their children who are in schools to be aware of the fact that there is any conflict in the home because they know the result of it. But that is not the solution.    
This is clarion call to parents to rise up to their responsibilities, at least, for the sake of their children, the students.       
By Daniel Owa-George 

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