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The Reason or Cause of Inadequate School Structures - ETCSINES

Knowing fully well the havoc caused by inadequate school structures, materials and facilities to students, one might be forced to ask: Why is nothing being done to improve or mitigate this unpalatable state? Why are half-baked schools springing up everywhere like mushrooms without adequate facilities?

The answer to these questions are not far-fetched and they will be answered in this write-up. 
           Topping the list and perhaps the greatest challenge of schools is funds. Most schools especially public schools lack necessary structures, facilities and materials because they are financially incapacitated to do so. The government which should cater for these schools ignores this duty and focus on other projects that bring accrue "benefits" to them. The few buildings and materials that are manageable are donations majorly by Alumni Association of these schools or companies as part of their corporate social responsibility to the society. Even though there are knowledgeable experts in such schools, little or nothing can be done to improve the status of such a school because there is no fund available to finance these projects. 

         Private schools on the other hand, by single individuals or organizations, sometimes lack adequate structures due to lack of funds as their development is dependent on the finance of their founders and proceeds from the school. Once any or both of these sources are not generating substantial income, the status of the school and provision of facilities will be affected.

            Poor management or administration of schools also contribute to inadequate school structures. A school with a poor or corrupt administration will lack germane infrastructures, materials and facilities necessary for the betterment of students.
           A corrupt administration will not channel funds into areas necessary even when they are provided. A school poorly managed also, will not be able to pull up and manage available resources and funds to provide adequate facilities essential to students. 

            The selfish interest and unhealthy competition mostly among private schools have borne lots of mushroom schools with little or no basic adequate facilities befitting an academic institution. As a result of the seeming income being generated from schools. There have been cases of individuals starting up schools, sometimes converting two-room apartments to schools with little or no material. 
         The unhealthy competition with schools founded few miles away from each other results to half-baked schools sprouting up without going through the proper stipulated procedure for establishment and accreditation of schools. 

          Lack of expert and knowledgeable personnel in related fields hinder adequate infrastructural growth needed in a school also. A school with staff members not well informed or knowledgeable on materials or facilities needed by their fields will not see the need to call the attention of the school management to provide such needs even if there are enough funds available.
         Conclusively, in light of all of the aforementioned factors responsible for inadequate facilities in schools. Betterment of students must be prioritized and the provision of adequate facilities is a right every student is entitled to in order to equip him/her for overall success in his/her academic pursuit.

Written by Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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