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The Role Of Government In Advocating For Financial Aids - ETCSINES

The first thing that came to my mind when I started ruminating over this topic is Democracy. I would love to remind us of the definition of this concept and how it relates to the topic at hand. Democracy is defined as the government of the people, for the people and by the people.

It is very expedient for us to look at the phrase “For the People” closely because here in is the answer to the subject matter. The main reason a group of people who decide to choose or elect some certain set of people to constitute the government of the nation is hinge on the definition of democracy. The area that affects the need of the people is the phrase “For the People”. The government is an entity that meets the need of its people; one of such needs is advocating for financial aid.

The word “Advocacy” is used because of the disclaimer that the government might not be able to meet up with the need of all the people. If the government could do such, we would not have issue of poverty in the country. Hence what we are saying in this context is that the way the government solicit for fund to attend to other issue of the economic, the same measure should be applied to the issue of financial aid when the educational sector of the country is involved.

The next question we should ask ourselves is this, how should this be done or implement? First off, I think one of the ways in which they can advocate for financial aid from other country or private sector in their country is by recognizing that they do have inadequate fund for the educational sector. The moment they can agree that they are incapacitated in that area or perhaps they are not able to meet up, the faster it will be.

Secondly, when the recognition or consciousness has been achieved, they should now look for ways and manner in which they can solicit for fund. If the president can travel to another country for economic matters or go to another country to seek help for economic matters, I see no reason why such shouldn’t be done for the betterment of our educational sector so as to help the reading culture of Nigeria Student.

Lastly, when the fund is gotten, it should be given to the appropriate sector and a system of check and balance should be put in place as to see whether the result expected is been carried out. We should not also forget the aspect of continuity. If this is done, I think we would have a better reading culture for our students. 

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