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The Role of Government in Helping Product of Broken Home - ETCSINES

Does the government have a role to play? A question that would be answered in the course of this write-up. For every society they are set of person that has been carefully selected to overseer the affairs of the people. They make sure that there is peace and serenity in the state. Their role in the life of the citizen of a state cannot be over emphasized.

We will be examining their role in the lives of people who are victims or product of broken homes. These products are scattered round the country looking for psychological and mental solace. It is time we use this medium to sensitize the people and remind the people that they are certain people who have a role to play.
One of such role is revisiting the family policy; family policy have not been looked into for quite some while, we don’t have a good family policy in the country, if we had, I believe we would not have issue of broken homes.
Secondly, economic and financial need should be put in place by the government when an issue of broken home occurs hence the victims would be properly taken care of. 
In conclusion, the government should partner with the educational sector of the country to adopt topics related to broken home in their syllabus and it should be extensively and intensively taught in all level to avert the issue of broken home in the country.

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