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The Role Of Parent In Giving Financial Aids To Schools - ETCSINES

What happens after parents pay the school fee of their ward is to await good result from such a child and proper care on the path of the school. Academics is far from what it used to be before, at that point when money didn't even have too much, when parents see the result of their children they go as far as giving the teacher of such student food stuffs or a little amount off money just to encourage them to do more, but now there is nothing like that because parents believe all they need to do is to pay the fees and that's all.
Most times, parents needs to support the school I'm the little way they can, once in a while they can send their children to their teacher just to show appreciation. 
Economically the country isn't fairing well but it doesn't have to be so bad that they shouldn't be able give a meagre amount to the school once I'm a while.
There are some schools that organise fund raising for the growth of the school, they invite parents but most of them grumble because they do not see a reason to it.

Let us always see s reason to sowing into the future of our children not just by paying there fees but by also blessing the source of their academic knowledge.

Omolola Adeboye Adekunle 
B.Sc Mass Communication

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