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The Role Of The Private Sector In Providing Fianacial Aid To The Educational Sector - ETCSINES

The Role of the Private Sector in Advocating and Providing Financial Aid to the Educational Sector - ETCSINES.

              I must start by commending ETCSINES writers who have written on this major topic affecting Nigeria's educational sector so far. Thanks for doing justice to this topic and for pointing out the need to address this important factor often deliberately neglected in the educational sector.

            Today, I'll be lending my voice to this cause also and joining in correcting the  incessant ills in the educational sector of our dear country. 
             Having established the need for the advocacy and provision of funds to the educational sector and also the role of the government in ensuring that this is accomplished. This write-up will be focusing on the input of the private sector in the subject matter.
             In treading this path, it is pertinent to enlighten you of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)   which was borne out of the need of private firms in Nigeria to make positive impacts within the societies they operate and the nation at large. This made it imperative for corporate organizations to create and adopt innovative social initiatives in a bid to influence impactful social change in the society. 
             The educational sector being one of, if not the most prominent sector in the nation has a great need of private organizations in building it. Impacting in the educational sector is a means of investing into the future of the future.  
        Private organizations can contribute their quota to nation building by aiding schools with adequate structures, facilities and materials needed such as donation of educational books to academic libraries, donation of materials into science laboratories of schools, hostels or halls of residence, computer systems, sport fields, lecture theatres and other facilities needed to equip students for optimum output and performance in a conducive learning environment. 
              Private organizations can also source for funds for the educational sector by partnering with governmental, non-governmental agencies and international organizations to award scholarship schemes to indigenous and non-indigenous students. Promotion of healthy competitions such as debates, writing challenges or contests, creativity or skills challenges, sport competitions among others with monetary rewards attached are ways of attaining social responsibility and contributing to the educational sector. 
             At the tertiary level, the best indigenous student can be awarded with scholarships as a means of impacting the company's immediate community. Scholarship schemes can also be organized for students above 3.5 Grade Points who are financially incapacitated to sponsor themselves through school and get necessary materials for their education. 
          Conclusively, private organizations are enjoined to continually extending their Corporate Social Responsibility scheme to the educational sector also. 

Writer: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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