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Someone once told me, Excuses are the tools for the incompetence, instead of giving excuses, why don’t you take responsibility for your action. In a situation in which blame is apportioned for the cause of an issue like favouritism, I will suggest we all have a part to play in this case. The blame must be shared equally.

First off, let’s take a look at the parent that practices favouritism, we can equally blamed the parent of the parent, because in our first write up, we disclosed the root cause of favouritism and we establish the fact that it started from the family. We are faced with a family in which one child is preferred than the other, the child grows up and believes that the way it should be and does such to his own children and the trend continue. Can we say it is part of the nature of human, I would agree partially to that. I am in the school of thought that if the child that becomes parent knew better, he would have acted wisely but we are saddle with the issue that would forever remain in the society of man if something is not done.

Secondly, a teacher that practices favouritism to his student, does student would grow and believe that is a normal mind-set, if peradventure time and chance play it role in the student life and he eventually become a tradition that is passed from one teacher to another. Who exactly is to be blamed? This question can only be answered personally. 
In the midst of us trying to find out who is at fault, let’s also proffer solution to the situation.

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