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Why should I read when the teacher has favourite? - ETCSINES

You are asking a question that determines your success and your relevance in future. Dear, reading has never been for teachers, though they practice it, it has never been for the educational bodies, though they serve as an advocate to it, they all have done their own part and they are where they are today primarily because of the level of attention they gave to reading.

Dear, you don’t read because of any teacher, though they advise you to do so but I tell you of a truth, you read because you are going somewhere in future. I might not know the course you have in mind to study, I might not know what your future ambition is but one thing I know for sure is that you can’t attain any of your dreams without reading; it has been tested and proven overtime. Even the great manual (Bible) support reading and if you take reading with levity, you might not like what your future look like in years to come, everyone who has neglected reading always has a story to tell, mind you, no matter where you reach in life, you will always read, reading is a lifelong activity. Surprisingly, you still see your paternal and maternal grandparent struggling with the pages of newspaper as they try to catch a glimpse of what is written there. You might be wondering what they have to learn at their old age, dear, it is something that they are used to and they can’t just let go of it, they still be believe that there is something the word has to tell them in their old age.

I tender my sincere apologies for the digression, back to your question, the main reason why you need to read is because of you and what you want to achieve in life. I would say some sensitive things here and I would want you to pay attention to them. 

First off, I want you to know that the teacher you are referring to would not be your teacher forever. One of the reasons why people find it difficult to deal with situation like this is because of their myopic view of the future and their mind-set about time. One thing is certain; you won’t be in that position forever. If you are in secondary school, you will surely get out of secondary school one day, if you are in the university, you will eventually become a graduate one day. In every place you find yourself, always note that there is a higher ground, the better you let’s that sink, the good for you.

Secondly, I am not being supportive right now, neither am I taking side with any ill attitude exhibited by teachers, but let’s think about it or put our self in the shoes of people involve. Take for instance, you are a teacher and you have this one student that is extremely brilliant and up and doing, one thing for sure is that you would want to get close to them, either to mentor them or to guide them through that stage, to some people who don’t know the reason for such closeness tends to misinterprets it for favouritism. The question is what is this other student doing that you are not doing? could it be that this other student is ready to learn than you do, or could be it that this other students is in search of knowledge than you do. A lot of reason could be attached to the sudden closeness of a teacher to a student. Here is my advice to you as a student that discovered this, if you have check the motive behind the closeness and you are very sure that it is purely academics. Dear, up your game so as to belong to the favourite team.

Lastly, favourite or no favourite, the main essence of you been in school is to read, learn and write, focus on your primary reason for being in school and don’t let your emotion take the better part of you. I rest my case.

I remain Timileyin Oni “God’s Intellectual
I Love Reading
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