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Compulsion to get good grades regardless of the medium used - ETCSINES

The pressure mounted on most students in the Nigerian educational sector to attain high grades has increased to the extent that parents and the society system as a whole no longer care about how this is achieved but the end result alone- good or high grades that can be flaunted to others. 

           Most parents and guardians today create a niche, the basis upon which a child is to operate. They set out rules, standards which the child is expected to follow and live in accordance to.

           African parents as they are popular being referred to, expect nothing less than perfection from their wards, which sadly, most of them never achieved at that age  or class. They only call the shots without seeing to the means through which it is achieved or implemented. They involve themselves wholly in decision making for the child but fail to involve themselves in its implementation.

Writer: Aduragbemi Akintepede

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