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Degradation of The Marking System - ETCSINES

Do we still have lecturer that has high standard of marking? Do we still have teachers that follow the marking guide given by the body of authority or tutors that act on their discretion. This is something we need to ponder upon.

Degradation can be said to be act of deterioration of a particular commodity or substance. Degradation doesn’t just start all of a sudden, it begins from somewhere and they are many factors that cause it. When the greediness of a teacher or students comes into play, things like degradation are bound to happen.

A marking system is a guide that enables a teacher to follow the right procedure to score a particular student. The marking guide when given is based on the system of authority in a school. One of the things that causes degradation in a marking system is when it is been manipulated to favor a particular set of people. If a teacher wants to favor a particular student, they bring the marking guide to favor that particular student and this is otherwise known as a corrupt practice.

Sometimes, the marking system is brought down due to mass failure of students in a course, when it is discover that students fails a certain course, the authority may in turn try to reduce the intensity of the marking guide just to make sure such students pass. It is noteworthy to say at this junction that nothing should tamper with the marking system of a school. When standard are set it should not be tamper with, if this is adhere to, I believe we will have no cause for degradation in the marking system of the educational sector in Nigeria.

This is a clarion call to every person in one form of authority in the educational body in Nigeria that they should stick to standard.

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