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General Advice To Victims Of Favoritism - ETCSINES

The right knowledge and the application of it was the last resort in our previous write up. It will be expedient for us to unveil what that right knowledge is. Mind you, I don’t want to sound abstract, we will be simple and straight forward. 

One of the advices that I think would help a victim or a potential victim of favoritism is the principle of ignorance. I will love to explain this concept to us as student. An Igbo adage says that “if you go to the market, focus on the goods you want to buy never allow the distraction or noise of the market square disturb you”. In others words, you ignore or pretend as if it doesn’t exist. I must tell you, this has worked and it will continue to work, never pay attention to the side attraction, let people say this or that, don’t mind what they say. It will help you to remain focused in your pursuit of excellence.

Secondly, be the best and beat the best. It is only a mediocre that cares about who is receiving preferential system, though we are emotional beings but let’s your result speak for you and you will see what it will attract to your life.

Lastly, never advocate favoritism or practice it, if you do, you will be endangering the lives of future leaders. Always pay good for the bad committed. Remember some people do not see it as something bad, it is their mindset and they think life should be lived in such way. Your values matters in life.

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