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How can a student's disability affect their reading? - ETCSINES

The study of disabilities is very important in studying children and learning as most of the reasons students do not perform up to expectations is as a result of certain disabilities that have gone unnoticed by the right 'authorities'(parents, teachers, caretakers). These disabilities could be:

- psychological like dyslexia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
- physical like sight(eye) problems

A situation where a student has a sight problem that has gone unnoticed, it would definitely prevent him from reading effectively and if the student is unable to understand what exactly is wrong with him, it would deter him from even reading at all as it would be a burdensome activity.

And in more complex situations involving attention, one's mind, or brain, it would have to be observed, then treated by a professional or someone familiar with that disorder or disability.

A person with any form of disorder must be treated before they can actually enjoy the art of reading. 

N.B: Dyslexia is a neurological problem not psychological but because it reflects in a person's behavior, it is psychologically studied and managed.

Writer: Nwachukwu Favour Nkechinyere

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