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How Do You Deal With Student With Disabilities? - ETCSINES

Students with all abilities, want a class that conveys respect. You have to make them fell a sense of importance in the classroom. Nobody wants to be stigmatized by the disability, In general, it is appropriate to reference the disability only when it is pertinent to the situation. For instance, it is better to say “The student, who has a disability” rather than “The disabled student” because it places the importance on the student, rather than on the fact that the student has a disability.

 I was opportuined to attend a government school that house both physical fit students and those with deficiency such as deaf, blind, dumb in the same class. We call them special students. What we normally do is when the class is going on we make sure the class is as orderly has possible then we put on their recorders, which will enable them to have access to the class teaching when they get to their hostels. 

Their are numerous ways in which we can help students with disabilities, has I have made mention earlier ; you make the class room has orderly has possibly and limited distraction. With this they will be able get a clean record of what has been recorded for them. 
Every one of them has various means of writing, for the blind which am sure of they have a template when the note is been dictated to them. This will also help them to have a written record of the class room teaching. 

I will like to recall an incident that occurred while I was in senior secondary, their is this beautiful lady in my very playful and jovial  unknown to everybody she was epilepsy. The truth is it was hard for her to disclose such because everyone thinks she’s healthy. When she has her crisis everyone was amused and after that incident she never came to school again. Let them have a sense of equality the truth is if she decided to come back to that school she will be discriminated even among her female friends. 

The only way we can help students with disabilities is by not judging them by who or what they are in the class room, make them fell accommodated get the course materials to them in a way that will be accessible for them . 

Writer: Afuye Olumide
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