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How Has Apathy To Reading Led Students To Cramming? - ETCSINES

            Lack of interest or motivation to read has been a major backbone of cramming amongst students. 
             The act of memorizing information hastily majorly for examinations and tests by students comes from apathy shown towards reading. Most students as a result of internal and external factors around making them lose interest in reading resort to cramming in order to get good grades and promotions to the next stage in their educational pursuit. 

          Students who are not interested in academic affairs or have been frustrated from reading by factors around them resort to cramming at the last minute to major examinations in a bid to cross the hurdle of such stages. 
           This write-up is therefore aimed at all students who have in the journey of apathy towards reading already and have been resorting to cramming and those who just embarked on it. Readers are learners and leaders. Apathy will only shut young minds from discovering potentials and tools to bettering oneself and the society as a whole.

I love Reading 
I say No to Apathy towards Reading 

Written by: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)
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