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Introduction: Seminar and Symposium

Taking a look at this important topic, you will agree with me that this is not the first time we have made mention of it in this campaign, they have been couple of times we use it’s as a recommendation in some of our mind blowing write-ups. This time around we will be doing an intensive study on its relevance & importance. Also we will be taking a look at how it has it enhances the reading culture.

It will be expedient for me to give a definition of what a seminar is. A Seminar is a conference or other meeting for discussion or training. It is also noteworthy to say that it can also be define as platform such as a class at university in which a topic is discussed by a teacher and a small group of students. I want to point our attention to the first definition above, they are two salient words there and they are “Discussion” & “Training”. I will put it to us readers that it is in a discussion you get trained on some certain aspect of life. If this is through, the other definition talks about a class in a university. 

Most of the time, where majority gets the zeal or passion to read is in this seminar organized in the class. I would love to give a scenario that is very dear dear to me and I would leave the writers of this amazing topic to flood your minds with well-articulated and composed article so as to nail the coffin on this topic.

In my university days, my department usually organized a quarterly seminar where we invite keynote speaker that have gain mastery in my field of study. One of such seminar that I can vividly remember is the one in which a veteran journalist in Nigeria was invited to talk to us, as at then, I was a Freshman, having held a lot about him, I decided to prepare for the seminar and take all I could grab from it. I can say one of the words of the great journalist was what inspired me to do seek excellence through reading back then in school. He said “As a Journalist, you have to take risk, you have to also love your books and read wide, now listen attentively to me, and you have to read and read, don’t worry about sleeping while reading, when you sleep and wake up continue the reading”. These words were like arrows in quiver of a strong man, I held on to it. Permit me, His name is Dayo Duyile. I believe he was a source of inspiration to many of us then and now but we got to have a first contact with him through a seminar. This shows you the importance of seminar. 

I will love to stop here and leave the rest to our prolific writers. Do stay tune as we bring you more write up and we propagate the gospel of reading in the Nigeria educational sector.

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