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Introduction: Societal and Educational Value - ETCSINES

Values are what makes life better, values are what makes life worth living, values are what gives a man a sense of belonging, values are standards that help an individual set boundaries, above all, values are pointer to what you were, what you are and what you will ever become.

This week, we will consider a very important topic that we think we should be revisited in the educational sector. It is titled Societal & Educational Value; they are two different concepts that would be merging together for the benefit of passing out information that is relevant to our scope of study.

Note, your value might not be the same as mine but when it’s comes to the society, whether we agree or not, we must come to an agreement and set things right. Societal value are values the society hold in high esteem, for example Right to life, no matter where you come from, you just have to uphold that value because it is what makes and keep the society, societal values are sometimes universal . 

Educational values are likewise the same but it is noteworthy to say that they vary in terms of institution or school. They are common educational value we uphold
that cannot be change regardless of the school or institution, but they are some that changes not because that they are universal but depending on the individual 
upholding it.

Hence, this week we will be considering this topic and we will love you to pay attention to it, you will be blessed and learn something. Do have a lovely week ahead

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