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Introduction: What is Apathy? - ETCSINES

Have you ever experience a time in your life that you lose interest in something you love doing or perhaps you don’t love doing it but you know you are obligated to do it, but the ways things are, you can figure out what happened and you kept wondering what has happened.

Hmmm, the mind of a man is a like a computer system that process data, store data and gives out information. No matter how updated a computer system might be, for instance, you have the latest software on it, the hardware are the newest in town and of all that, no matter how you try to maintain it, making sure you take special care of it parts, they will be a time in which the system might or will experience a down time. This is not because the system is faulty or needs repair; it is why it is called a system.

This scenario of a system can be liken to us as human, there are time we experience discomfort, lack of passion, lack of strength, lack of enthusiasm, lack of zeal to what we are expected to do. When such happens, it is called Apathy. This is the main reason why we at Etcsines have taken out time to draft out a topic that address this and not only address this, seek to proffer solution to it for the 
betterment of the students in the Nigeria Education Sector.

We believe you would learn a lot from this topic, do stay tuned as we bring you solution to factors that has affected the reading culture and sponsored cramming in the Nigeria Educational System. 

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