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Poverty As A Barrier To Reading - ETCSINES

The level of education received in the early days of the missionary and government schools makes the students an expensive commodity both to the private and public  sector. The students access to libraries improved their spoken English and their reading culture. 

The study of the 21st Century shows that poverty has hinder the ability of people of having access to educational materials due to their poor background. Using the case study of the people of Igbo-Eze North Local Government of Enugu State. 

To read is to get ideas from print or written materials. Reading is a way of acquiring knowledge. Oyeyemi (2005) observed that reading is a means of tapping knowledge from superior minds. Most indigene of the local settlement level below poverty level without any means or access to no or little education. With the help of missionaries and government schools are been established with the fee has low has 1500 naira to a sum of 3500 naira but still the people do not have the strength to send their children to school. When you listing to their spoken English you will be sorry for them but the most intriguing thing is that their don’t care about the English they speak. I believe that if the government provide libraries it will encourage them to read and have access to reading facilities that will not make them think of their poor background. Most importantly the government should introduce free education and provide free materials for student to access. 

Writer: Afuye Olumide

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