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Profit Oriented Schools Versus Value Enhancer Schools - ETCSINES

This topic poses one factor that influences the value of education a child or a student is given in school. That is, the aim of the school itself. People have several reasons why they start schools; to make profit, to add value to the young ones of the society, to have an additional asset and so on.

Now, I want us to understand that almost every school is started with one of the primary aims being to make profit, to make monetary gain but it is necessary for us to understand that profit should not be the foundation on which starting a school should be on. Rather, the primary aim of the school should be geared towards enhancing the value of the students that would go through it.
Another thing I want us to understand is that not ALL Profit-oriented schools are bad. Please take note that there are profit-oriented schools that just want to get all the profit, without actually giving the students the quality education needed, while there are some that actually give very quality education so that they can justifiably get more profit. I would like to consider the latter as a combination of the two (profit-oriented and value enhancer). 

Value enhancer schools on have a primary aim of giving quality to the students. A value enhancer public school will produce better students than a private school that is just in it for the profit. A value enhancer school will closely monitor a student’s progress and design syllabuses that would make it easy for the students to assimilate and practice what they learn.
An advice; Go for a value enhancer school; whether it is profit oriented of not, if it doesn’t provide the quality needed, we will still have students that graduate without being able to offer anything to the society.

Thank you.

Writer: Joanna Ebreso

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