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Segregation of students with disabilities causes low rate of reading by them - ETCSINES

            In every human gathering or field, any faction, group, individual secluded or separated from the majority will definitely be affected by the discrimination set against them and this will in turn affect their behavior,  self-esteem, output amongst others. 

              Thus, in the educational sector, students who are being discriminated against or segregated as a result of their disabilities will be affected mostly physiologically with their self esteem, self worth, self confidence, ego punctured. As a result of prejudice by either their fellow students or the school management they feel despised, less and unworthy thus killing their potentials and exceptional abilities. 
          Students with disabilities who are being secluded or prejudiced will lose interest in reading and academics as a whole. Thereby, shutting them off from unleashing the potentials and being the best they can be like other students.
          During the week, I came across a true life story of a 7 year old, Anaya Ellick around US with a seeming disability, she has no hands. However, she won a national handwriting contest amongst students who had perfect hands! This goes in line with what we have been saying through our write-ups over the week here at ETCSINES.  
     Students with disabilities should not be segregated but rather given the opportunity and encouraged to unleash their hidden potentials. They are humans too and should be treated as such.


 I remain Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)
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