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Solution To Poor Parenting - ETCSINES

It is a common argument that parent needs to work,so as to provide for the family .But in the process, most parents tend to neglect their roles as parent /guardian .Unfortunately, some people believes that parenting means only providing financially for the  family, which become a bedrock for poor parenting. 

   In the previous articles, we have been able to look into what poor parenting is and the effects on the ward(s). The solution to poor parenting will be discussed here. After analysing the different causes and  problems of poor parenting,the solutions to poor parenting are grouped into four groups with subgroup underneath it.

Autonomy and independence:
-Parent should treat their child with respect and encourage him/her to become self-sufficient and self reliant.
-They should be involved in their ward's academic .
-Never pressurize your ward to study what he/she doesn't have passion for .Passion/talent is an important factor to be consider in a ward's academic pursuit.

Behaviour management:
- Make extensive use of positive reinforcement and reward.
- Punish only when other methods of managing behaviour have failed.
-Understand your child's personality, reward and praise him.
-Never compare your ward with other kids/wards.Learn to show equal love 
-Learn to manage sibling rivalry among siblings .

Provide a Positive Example(Be a role model)
Parents who say, “Do as I say, not as I do,” aren't effective. Children learn far more from watching what their parents do, rather than hearing what they say.
-Control on gadgets:Although it can be hard to set time limits on your electronics use and use polite words even when you're angry, it's important to remember that your child is always watching. Modeling appropriate behaviors is an essential parenting skill.
-Communicate and spend quality time with your children 
-Create time for fun(outing)
-Assure them(children) of your love ,care and support at all times .

-Parent should support their children and participate in spiritual and religious activities.
  In conclusion, parents should try as much as possible to balance the home front with work.

Writer: Busayo Akinmolayan

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