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Students' Apathy to Reading Who's Fault? Parents, Teachers, Students - ETCSINES

Apathy to reading as has been related and discussed in the previous articles can be blamed on all of the above. How is this possible?
As was discussed some weeks ago, some products of broken homes for example would be disinterested in reading but regardless of the situations one is facing they could chose to still pay attention to things that matter(though it would really be hard; its easier said than done, but where there is a will, there is a way). So, students as the major role players have a greater role to play.

Can teachers actually influence apathy of students to reading? Of course, their attitude to their work plays a major role in how the students would first of all be endeared to academics, before they'll want to develop reading skills. But there are situations where teachers are unable to carry out their duties properly (or due to situations like the current situation of the federal government of Nigeria and the payment of salaries) but the students understanding how important their academics is, would decide to develop interest for reading.

There are situations where one's parents are illiterates and want a better 'life' for their children but don't know the importance of reading or how crucial it is. Or due to financial constraints on the family, the child needs to work and as such could even lose interest in reading due to so much work. But, all in all it boils down to the student and how much he wants to succeed in this major thing that matters to his future.

Apathy to reading could be caused by anything, anyone or everything but it is the responsibility of the student to ignite the desire and interest to read.

Writer: Nwachukwu Nkechinyere Favour

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