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The Causes of Apathy Among Students Towards Reading- ETCSINES

In our previous write-up, we gave a definition to the term “Apathy”. In view of this definition, we were able to deduce that nothing just happen; they are forces that propel it. In this write-up, we will try our possible best to outline those factors that causes apathy among students towards reading.

The first point I would want us to consider is the word “Laziness”, some students are just naturally lazy, they see reading as a burden, no matter how you counsel them concerning reading, they wouldn’t read. You will hear them say words like reading is not my hobby, excuse me dear, who has reading has a hobby? Every one of us that has been able to love reading took deliberate action towards it and was ready to be committed to it. It is the same set of students that you will see reading novels and literature, to pick their notebook and read is a problem. Here is my advice to you, if you really want to get something out of your stay in school, it is better you start reading.

Another factor or cause of apathy towards reading is lack of proper upbringing, majority of parents nowadays do not take proper time to mentor and tutor their children concerning reading. They leave this student at the hands of the teachers to do their work, but what they fail to understand is that they have a major role to play in the upbringing of their wards; it is time for our parent to take up responsibilities and stop putting their children in charge of nannies. Let’s ponder about this, majority of this nannies are uneducated, large percent of them are uneducated and this is really appalling. How do you expect such child to receive proper tutoring on the subject matter when you are not there to help? I will leave the parent reading this to answer.

With this two factor outline above and some still yet to be disclosed, I think it is time for us to begin to adjust and find ways in which we can tackle this situation so as to help our students in reading and eradicate cramming. 

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