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The Moral Decadence of Students -ETCSINES

          It is no longer news that students of this present generation have sank lower, perhaps too lower, than their predecessors in flaunting societal and academic values. 

           Fearful crimes are now being brewed and perpetrated by academic institutions which are supposed to be grounds to build future leaders. Sadly, all levels of education are involved without any  of them left out, that is, the primary, secondary and tertiary level.

         All sorts of vices such as examination malpractice, cultism, cyber fraud, gangsterism, drug abuse, stealing, illicit sexual affairs, prostitution, rape, bullying, lesbianism, corruption, bribery among others are found within the walls of academic institutions in Nigeria and the globe as a whole.

            The little efforts made by the family, religious bodies, school, government and the society at large amounts to little or nothing as there is free access to the knowledge and cultivation of these vices through the media, internet and technology as a system. A new mindset is in prevalence which path most students are sadly treading.

           Thus, it is imperative that a more serious and drastic stand be taken soon to save this generation from the looming danger ahead. All hands are to be on deck to ensure good morals are revisited and inculcated into students once again. The society should be exemplary in its conducts. Bodies should endeavour to educate and empower teens and youths more to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. The media should dissuade youths from bad vices also and promote the culture of good values. Youths can also be engaged in worthwhile activities such as social services, conferences, trainings and the likes to help them become better individuals.

            To have a secured Nigeria in years to come. Moral values in the educational sector should be taken as a priority to help take the nation to its Promised land. 


Writer: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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