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The Rate At Which Students Exhibits Apathy Towards Reading - ETCSINES

How is the rate measured? This is done by doing a survey of the number of students who reads, number of students who don’t read, number of students who read just because they want to pass exams and the number of student who feels or think reading is not important at all. Could there be students who still think reading is not an essential part of education, dear, they are.

We have been working on this campaign for the past eight month and we must say at this junction that a lot of research has been carried out via various channel but we can categorically tell you the number of students who cram yet, who are not ready to read, who display or exhibit apathy, reason been that not all students are ready to own up, not all students feels it’s important to read, their  goal or mindset is to pass and get out of school, not all students sees it as a big challenge. Hence we get to have educated student but not valuable and useable student.
The rate at which student exhibit apathy can only be determine by the number of students who crams and the number of students who finds its reluctant to read. The question is, Are you one of them? If you are, I think it’s time to unsubscribe because it won’t lead you to anywhere. According to human relation research conducted by us in some universities, college and schools in Nigeria, we were able to discover that apathy is really on the high side, we might not be able to give a percentage now because we would not been found generalizing, but in research, you use a few majority to replace a large majority. If this is the case then, we have fear as regards our educational sector and the kind of students been produce. 

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