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The Role Of Parents In The Display Of Apathy By Students Towards Reading - ETCSINES

Times without number we have often said that the first teacher, tutor or mentor a child encounter is the parent. This gives us a picture of what role our individual parent plays in making us who we are today and how important that first stage of learning can be.

The role of parent in the display of apathy by students towards reading is a widely discussed subject, why I said this is because if we can really picture what’s goes on in our various family, you will agree with him that the parent are the major contributors to the rate at which student display or exhibit habit.

I would love to ask a question, when last did your mother of father sit you down and tell you, Son or Daughter, this is the book we are reading for tonight, we are to read this for the next three to four hours, get yourself a comfortable chair and lets start reading. I believe some of us are laughing while reading this, I can hear someone say, Timi!!! Get out of that world of fantasy, this is because it has never happen and it may never happen, I don’t want to sound judgemental, but come to think of it, I hope I am making sense. 

We never see our parent do such, these days we see parent struggling with the TV remote with their children, we see parent at home in the living room, their eyes glue to the television set, waiting for the next television series and guess what? the least they give to the children as an advise is, Make sure you do your assignment, make sure you don’t waste our money in that school of yours, make sure you come out with good grades and you are like how on earth would that students gain interest in reading when you do not lead by example.

This is a clarion call to our potential parent, parents and any guardian out there, you have a role play in your child display of apathy make sure you are not a major contributor but make sure you are at that end of kicking against it by leading or parenting by example. A word is enough for the wise.

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