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The Solution To Apathy In Reading - ETCSINES

Over the years, I have come to realise that one of the major battle a man has to fight is the battle of the mind; the mind is where all decision are pondered upon, concluded and carried out before the manifestation become evident in the attitude and character of an individual. The reason why people behave the way they behave is because of the state of their mind. How to know someone who has a renew mind is through his/her disposition to the affairs of life.

When the mind of a man is a battle ground, negative things that are contrary to the moral standard and value of the society began to materialize. One of such negativity is what we have been discussing over the week. How on earth would someone decide not to read or lose interest in reading, there is a need for us to check what is on the mind or what the individual has been consuming.

What then should we do so as to salvage the situation and save the soul of that individual? One of the methods I think we can adopt is to have a reconfiguration of the mind of this particular set of person. How? This can only be done by creating a platform of sensitization for them. Note; every party must participate in making this work, the parent, the teachers, the government authorities. It shouldn’t be a one man job. I believe with this, the mindset of the students would change concerning reading and having or creating interest for it. 

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