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The Value Placed On Reading By Parents - ETCSINES

When I hear the word value, its gives me shiver because I have come to realize value is very crucial in our day to day dealing with people. A man without a value is like a tree with fruit. They are different ways in which people view things and the ways in which they view is dependent on their perspective of line. 
Why is it that some people place value on reading than the other, it is a function of the perspective in which they view value. Note the way your view is based on your mindset about that subject matter, also your mindset about something is hinged on so many factors. Sometimes mindset can in form of information gathered in an environment. The question remains that are what kind of value or level of value do our parent place on reading. 

I would say that the value place on reading in the present generation has is not to be measured because it is an individual thing. A parent who crams during the period in which they were in school would see reading as a waste of time, you will hear words like, cram and have good grades but for a parent that knows what reading can do would encourage the student not to only read but also study.

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