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Wrong Mindset of The Society About Readers - ETCSINES

The wrong mind-set of the society about reader’s!!!  The untold truth about education is that “its the best legacy you can ever have” its good to go into business, web developer, blogger or what ever field you choose necessary. In Nigeria, our so called leaders have destroyed education to the point were you begin to ask yourself why am I going to school, what am I going to do with the certificate. The society itself have prioritise to reward the stupidity of the leaders and ignore the impact that have been made through noble men in the community. 

Imagine a scenario were a first class graduate will be given a recognition by the school without employment and the winner of a beauty Pageant will be given 25million and an endorsement with this kind of happening the society have turned their back on education. 
There is a popular saying “ the youth are the leaders of tomorrow “, let ask our self what makes the tomorrow, education. What is the future of education in Nigeria? Dead. So if care is not taken the future we all are hoping for will be gone right in front of our ears.
Not until the society start to reward hard work, diligence, and   condemns corruption the wrong mindset toward readers will never change. 

Writer: Afuye Olumide

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