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Intro: A System Of General Periodic Reading In Schools - ETCSINES

                If you have ever been to a boarding school or attended one, when you hear the word “Prep Time”, you would agree with me that there is always a feeling attached to it. The major function of this time is to help student focus more on what they have learnt in the school whereby creating a platform of reading through their note. We might not be certain if all boarding school have this system or adopt it, but we are certain that there is always a time allocated for reading, it just that the timing and nomenclature adopted in this write-up might be different. Note; the feeling we earlier mention is the kind of attitude student’s exhibit when they hear the sound of the bell. Truth be told, not all students love reading, some student see reading has hard work while others see it as a medium to pass the exam, only a few see reading for what it is.

            The above paragraph was directed towards the student in boarding school, how about day students i.e. a student who goes to school every day and return home as to when scheduling on that same day. Students that attend a day school do not get to have the kind of time called “Prep Time”, this is because it is believed that when they get home from school every day, they are expected to read on their own, go through what they have done on their own, which truth be told not all student does that as a matter of fact not always. Looking at the above situation, there is a need for us to make provision for students to be able to read during the day even if it is at least one hour, when this is done periodically, it becomes a habit for a student and he or she becomes addicted to it, even when the students leave for a higher study, the practice continues with or without compulsion to do so.

            Hence, this week write up is targeted at the educational system, schools and any platform that is under the auspices of learning in the country in Nigeria. There is a need for us to create a platform whereby student gets to have a period in a day set aside for reading. We believe if this is done, it would foster the reading culture and reduce the menace cramming has constituted in the lives of many students in Nigeria. There is more information to come as regards this, we urge everyone to stay in touch as we explain in details what this means and its relevance to this campaign.

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