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Adoption Of Penalty To Defaulters Of General Periodic Reading - ETCSINES

            On a sincere note, they shouldn’t be needed for this but looking at the country we are in and the kind of students we breed this day, it is very important that we take specific measure to make sure that the initiative is welcomed and not only that we should make sure that people who go against it, get to pay for it. We think this is necessary for the sustainability and growth of the initiative.

            A flashback on the comparison we make in our first write-up on this initiative, we made mention of a popular system in boarding schools and it is invoked to date; “Prep Time”. We will agree with us that one of the things still keeping that system is the penalty attaches to it. Only defaulters can tell the story, how they are been treated when they go against the system. We think if such measure can be applied to the general periodic reading when it is initiated, it will help not only to keep student in check but help to cultivate the reading habit of students whereby eradicating the cramming system from their mindset, i.e. it is either you read or fail, cramming is not an option in the school.

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