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Advise To Student On The Relevant Of Symposium & Seminar - ETCSINES

In our previous articles ,the meaning of Seminar and symposium has been analysed and  explained thoroughly. In this article ,we will be discussing the relevant of Seminar and symposium to Students .

 Seminar is a group meeting led by an expert focusing on a specific topic or discipline while symposium is a conference or other meeting  for discussion of a topic, especially one in which the participants make presentation.

The importance /relevance of the two contributes a lot to a student academic pursuit. The breakdown of their importance is outline below :

Educative :Seminars and symposium serves as a wealth of knowledge for students  because ideas are presented by many speakers at one time in one place.

Encourages Dialogue-
Seminars and symposium are led by someone acting as a mediator and not a lecturer. It thus allows opening up floor for discussion for students  pertaining to the topic.

Developing of new ideas: Networking and listening to other shares their ideas help in building up /developing new ideas.

Students can share their insights and thoughts on how to resolve issues discussed.

It helps in awareness creation .

It provide latest information about the things/issues happening in the society.

It enables students to meet others with same interest /problem in same chosen field .

It improve students skills.

It improve students knowledge of a specific subject matter.

With the help of seminars and symposium,students are updated with technologies and new happenings because they cant improve their knowledge from textbooks alone.

Writer : Busayo Akinmolayan

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