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Examining The Content Of Media In This Generation - ETCSINES

I am very aware that this is one of the topics that would spark controversy while media practitioners or lover or media get to read it. It has been establishing we have a different form of media and each of them plays a significant role in the advancement of any worthy invention or ideology on planet earth. As a matter of fact, in this present age and dispensation, there is nothing you want to do that does not require the media; all you need is to be accessible to any of the media platform and you are up and running. The most beautiful thing about it is that you are not restricted to one form or type of media. If one is not working out you opt for another, one way or the other, your content is out for public view and consumption.
Examining the content of the media in this generation is a very sensitive topic and we will try our best to leave no stone unturned. We observe that in our day to day activities, a lot of contents are uploaded in the media, it seems as if there is no watchdog there in some of our media, everybody is permitted to upload any content, most especially when it has to deal with the social media. Contents that are not worthy to be seen as been uploaded, content that is not worthy to be heard has been uploaded. It would not be right for us to major on the disadvantages, the contents of this media have also helped us to grow, increase our knowledge gap and make us hunger and thirst for more.

In relation to our campaign “Eradicating The Cramming System In Nigeria Educational Sector”, we will see that we have a lot of information online in which students can use to increase their reading capacity and be the best in their field of study, surprisingly, some students do not make good use and advantage of it. They go online to get material to add to what they would cram for an exam, which is appalling. If only our students can make good use of what they are exposed to and maximize the opportunity they are given in this age and dispensation, I think we would not have an issue in the reading habit of students. Also, it is very expedient that has media practitioners, we do not break the cycle of uploading relevant information online that would help the student read. It is only through this that our reading culture can and will be sustained. 

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